New to the EV world - EV Tariff questions?

Hi guys,

So we’re taking out first plunge into the EV world like a lot of others with a model 3 and were interested in the EV Tariff. But I have questions, like how does it work at 2am? Is it timer and app based? How does the car know not to charge or do I have to wake up at 2am and plug it in?

And how does it know it’s charging a car and not the washing machine or dish washer…or is that okay?

And it’s that’s okay, could I theoretically* charge a battery or Powerwall between 2am and 6am and run the house off it for the day?

*I’m sure the payback on purchase and installation of a Powerwall would be years in the making, but I’m still interested in what the answer would be :slight_smile:


The EV tariff and the charging of your EV are two entirely separate things

The EV tariff: Your smart meter ends up with two counters, one that counts energy used between 0600-0200 and one that counts energy used between 0200-0600. You get charged different prices at these times, it doesn’t matter what the energy is used for.

The EV charging: This is entirely up to you. The Tesla has a scheduler that you can use to tell it to charge at 0200-0600. Or your charger might support this functionality. Bulb offer an integration through Enode to allow you to coordinate your cars charging through the Bulb app (if Enode supports your car), all this does is controls the cars scheduler for you.

You can make extra savings by putting your dishwasher, washing machine etc on during the period 0200-0600 using the inbuilt delay features.

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Hi, do you need to have an electric vehicle for this tariff? Are any checks made against DVLA? Or could you use this tariff to charge a battery bank system which can then be used during the day without importing from the grid on the day rate?

Zero checks on actually having an EV were made when I switched to the EV tariff. I just needed a SMETS2 smart meter that was correctly reporting readings regularly.