New user, 'Your new key isn't talking to the meter correctly' ?


A question on behalf of daughter if I may.

She has just switched from BG to Bulb in the flat she’s renting and yesterday with only £1.60 of the BG credit remaining on her meter, added £20 to her new Bulb key and tried to use it but with no luck, getting the ‘Your new key isn’t talking to the meter correctly’ error.

Now, assuming the credit was applied to the key correctly (so the key was functioning ok etc), should that have ‘just worked’, or could she have missed the ‘Registering your key’ step that I have seen mention on the support pages?

She aims to contact customer service on Monday but in the mean time I was wondering if there was anything else that could be done please?

eg. If she took the key to a PrePay shop, should they be able to ‘read’ the key and confirm there is £20 credit still on there (if it ever was etc)?

Was it imperative she ‘registered’ the key in the meter first, before adding credit?

Thanks for your time etc. :wink:

Cheers, T i m