Newbie here PV solar panels on our newbuild without power storage

Hi we have solar panels without battery back up and wonder if we can claim any discount on our electricity with bulb, these came with our new build or is it a case of use it or lose in regards to any power generated. Thanks all.

Look on the Bulb website for Export Payments.

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You don’t get a discount for having solar PV, but you will use less from the grid than an equivalent home without solar PV, so you get a reduced bill that way.

If you have a smart meter, it should be capable of recording any electricity that you export to the grid (ie any time total domestic consumption is below the power output from the panels), and if you are in that position, you can sign up for the Export Payments (so that you receive income for such exported electricity).

Note that the “smarts” of smart meters do not currently extend to export readings, so that would be a manual task for you to give readings to Bulb (on a regular basis).

You probably [hopefully?] have a generation meter attached between the panels and your consumer unit (and you should definitely have at least one isolator switch for them), which would record how much electricity the panels actually produce. This is purely for your information (unless the panels were commissioned on the Feed-In Tariff scheme [that closed to new entries in 2019]).

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Thanks for the info. Property is a year old and yes there is what looks like a mini smart meter next to our main smart meter along with a cut off and I can see it is recording gains. I’m trying to find out more info fron the house builders as all we have is a certificate here and no book etc and as you can guess we are clueless atm.

Ah, yes, another qualifier for Export Payments: your PV install has to be certified, usually MCS, but a couple of other schemes are supported as well.

The local grid operator (known as your DNO) are supposed to have been informed that you have solar PV too (and there would often be paperwork to show that).

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Thanks for all your info I have the pack I should have had coming Monday with all documents etc so I guess I might be able to claim somthing viabexport with bulb. Thanks so much for your help.

You should be able to get an SEG license and receive about 5p per kh.
ofgem gov uk publications seg-supplier-list.

See also these tariffs.
solarenergyuk org resource smart-export-guarantee ?cn-reloaded=1&fbclid=IwAR1dsaH31nvXPZrtJSlRLBvU_Ajn2b1wDS2jFXDWHJk-NFs7X0JJBK4A3S0