Next payment date 1st February?

I’m confused and hoping for clarity.

Joined on December 2nd first payment was taken and once paid I went to change payment date from 2nd to the 1st of the month as I get paid on the last working day but it’s now saying next payment is 1st February. What am I missing? Why is there 2 months between these payments?


Still concerned about this… Anyone else had this before?

What exactly does your message say?
When I’ve changed my DD amount or payment date, the next one goes ahead as previously, then the new arrangements start the following month. Presumably, your next DD will be taken on the 2nd of Jan, and from Feb onwards on the 1st of the month.

Similar happened to me.

First DD paid on switchover date. 19th Nov.
Received first bill summary in December and I became a little in debt so I increased the DD.
It then said “next payment will be taken 19th January” though I later received an email prior to 19th December to say my DD would be taken as usual then. It wasn’t.
I haven’t received any emails about missed payments or any bank charges so I’m assuming it’ll just come out in January as normal.

This is what I am shown when I login. You can see payment at bottom that I paid on Dec 2nd but didn’t show on account until December 3rd and then it says next payment February 1st.

To cause more confusion today I received this email. I guess will have to see what happens in 3 days?

Bulb took dd for me in October 2019 then nothing until feb 2020! I have only just realised and now I’m in debt !

It may not be your fault but surely you would have noticed from your bank account or do you not check these things.

Nowadays regardless of which company it is we have to accept they are only after our money and as such keep monitoring it, be it insurance,banks or utility.

I do check and I am almost certain it has been showing as pending on online banking to then disappear