NHS workers: Showering at home

I am a nurse that works for the NHS and I have been relocated to a COVID-19 ward. Difficult times but toguehter we can smash the virus. There is not shower room in every ward at NHS hospitals, we are lucky if we get a spacious room for lunch. As you know, hand hygiene (soap and water or hand sanitizer if lack of toilet facilities ) is a simple action that helps to kills the virus. In the case of health workers, apart of the above routine action mentioned wherever, many of us have to take a daily shower
when we back home from the hospital, because lack of shower rooms at the hospitals. This over use of energy from home, it is going to be reflected in our bills. Could Bulb company offer a discount to health care workers for the NHS, please? this will be really appreciated.


Thank you for all the hard work you and your colleagues are doing during this difficult time.

I’m a little confused though … are you saying that under normal circumstances you don’t take a daily shower at home?

Nothing wrong with only taking a shower every few days or weekly, I know many people who do so, including myself. (I’m not NHS).

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Do you shower daily? I do have a shower 5-6/7 but I do not wash my hair daily whilst now I have to wash my hair daily and use the washing machine more offen than usual on 60 degrees.

I guess the lady wanted to stress on the use of Extra-Shower she has to take as a part of her scrubbing off the germs which she acquires during her work at the hospital.