Nice App Bulb! 💡

Everyone is quick to criticise but not to praise, so I thought I’d buck the trend by saying a big fat well done to bulb on your really user friendly app.

I haven’t needed to download it before today, because to be honest I’ve always been happy with bulb, but I got an email about changing the reading frequency and thought I’d try doing this through the app.

I’m a software tester by trade, so I always appreciate good clean design and usability. You haven’t gone mad with a million and one unnecessary buttons and features - and if apps are anything like my house then filling it with crap is really easy, decluttering is the hard part! :rofl:

So yes, kudos to your development team (and testers of course) for a really nice experience. :white_check_mark:


Hi @BMarshall

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback, we really appreciate it (and it’s certainly made my day a bit brighter).

Simplicity is at the core of our offering, and we try and make sure all aspects of Bulb are as easy as possible to use. So, to get such high praise from someone who is in the software developing game means a lot to us! :iphone:

Of course, we are always looking for feedback on everything here we do look at Bulb. If you think there is anything we could improve on app-wise, we’d love to hear it :thinking: