Night/day rate times

Can anyone please tell me the times for when day rate switches to night rate on economy 7. Want to use washing machine at night keep cost down . Thanks

As I understand, it is nominally between 01:00am and 08:00am. However, It is also dependent on the economy 7 meter. I understand there could be up to 30 mins deviation on either side of this time window, so that not all meters start at the same time avoiding a peak use at the start time. In case you need to find the exact time, you need to check you meter by switching on one of your high wattage equipment between 00:30am and 01:30am and see when the night meter kicks in! Or use a 2am-7am window to be safe! Hope this helps!

You’re absolutely right salil_kh. We find boiling the kettle is the best way to check.

@Will at Bulb, do you suggest this to avoid any potential issues if the meter clock’s wrong?

If I didn’t know my night time hours, I don’t think I’d want to say up for a few hours in the middle of the night drinking endless cups of tea (what else would I do with all of that hot water?) while I ran up and down the stairs checking the meter.
I like my sleep!

I’ve been recommending this community guide.