Night meter reading

I have a Seeboard Ampy Automation Single Phase Watt Hour digital meter with a button which cycles though the display giving Rate 1 and Rate 2 readings. Ever since moving to this property the Rate 2 increases and the Rate 1 number has never changed. For three years I have submitted my meter readings and it has never been questioned why Rate 1 has been static. I believe that Rate 1 is the night Rate which should be cheaper. Am I missing something? Is my meter faulty? Thanks

Are you on the economy seven tariff? What do your bills look like- do they show zero charge for night use? I would be surprised if this wasn’t picked up. I suspect that you are on a single rate tariff and your meter has been reconfigured in the past. You can check how your meter is recording by boiling the kettle a few times at 2am and seeing if your rate 2 reading increases. If not, it would seem that you’re getting free power at night…

I once bought a new build house (never again) and chased and chased for over a year to get someone to bill me for my gas and electricity. Due to a cock up with the developer, the power network people and various other incompetent people if took well over 12 months before an account was set up with Eon. When the time came to give a meter reading it transpired the electricity meter was faulty from install and had recorded precisely nothing. I was prepared to pay a deemed usage bill, but to my delight any charges for the preceding year were waived. I wish I had known in advance, I might have been a bit more extravagant with my appliances and lighting!