Night rate not changing

Although our day rate is moving up as expected with our electricity usage, our night rate hasn’t changed in about a month. We only run a low energy fridge/freezer at night and rarely have anything else using electricity between 11pm and 7am. To give an idea of our usage at night, rate read 78744 on 29th April then 78759 on 1st June (but we had a really late frost and the heating was still running through the night until mid May). Should I book an engineer to come look at the meter or does this slow moving rate match the low night usage? I have tried to contact Bulb too many times now to be told there’s no one available to help so asking here instead. Thanks.

Hey @ebachmendoza - welcome to Community :wave:

It definitely sounds like something is wrong with your meter if the night rate has stopped ticking over. We can get your meter replaced with you if it’s faulty, but we’ll just need some pictures first to confirm it’s stopped working.

Please follow the instructions below. This will help me confirm the night rate has stopped ticking over.

  1. Please take a photo after 7am of both rates 1 and 2.
  2. Please take another photo the next day, after 7am.
  3. Once you have all 4 photos, we’ll need you to send them via email so I’m going to get an email sent over to you now.

When we have all photos we can move forwards with getting your meter replaced.

I’ll get that email sent over now!

All the best,