Night rate

Is it possible to let me know when my night rate kicks in please? Switched over to Bulb this month so not sure how it works yet! We live in an apartment and our meters are in a secure area so a bit difficult to access. Our caretaker gets our readings for us.


I think your DNO should be able to advise your actual Economy 7/ night rate period but you will still need to actually eyeball your meter as it may not always be correctly aligned with ‘real time’. My meter clock is 35 minutes out for instance so the 2330 to 0630 time period during winter is 0005 - 0705 and when BST cuts in then 0105 - 0805.



@Philbow in theory in Birmingham your night rate is 7 hours between 23:30 and 08:00, but which 7 hours depends on the meter. Even then, I strongly agree with @linesrg’s answer – the meters can be out by 0-60mins from what we think their times are.