Night rate

Good morning,
So after a few months with being with bulb I’ve noticed on my statements that for my economy 7 meter that may day and night rate is the same.

Now after double checking the tariff rate for my area I should be getting something like half of the day rate.

I thought I’d just double-check that this is normal on the vari- fair tariff, as I have a washer dryer combo which eats a ton of electric

@Spitfireuk, it’s normal on the standard vari-fair tariff, both readings are simply used to charge you as if you had a single rate meter.

Sounds like you could maybe do with having this changed though.

I understand that, bit strange that i just got the single rate as when I set up my account I said I had a eco 7 meter

@Spitfireuk, in your welcome pack, did it advise that you’re on a single rate tariff or an E7 tariff?

I’d suggest giving Bulb a ring though (0300 30 30 635)

@Spitfireuk Just changed you to the two rate agreement and we will generate all the bills again to be on this agreement. Hope this is OK!

@“DanP at Bulb” thanks Dan! Are you also able to find out what times the night rate are for my meter?

@Spitfireuk, you can figure that out with a little information from your meter.

See this guide from the community.

@Spitfireuk Your night hours are between 0030-0730.