Night Saving tariff!

Our night saving tariff starts automatically at aprox 1pm till aprox 5or6 in the morning. can this changed?

Hi @Sedders,

Probably not - ‘dumb dual tariffs meters’ tend to have the hours ‘hard coded’ into them and are set to help ‘balance the national grid’ (so it’s common for all meters in a region to be set to the same time - see by another supplier).

I believe ‘smart dual tariff meters’ are able to have the times changed, but again I would suspect Bulb would be loath to do so as they’ll probably need permission from the National Grid.

If Economy 7 isn’t working out for you, you can change to a standard ‘single rate’ meter for £120 , but if you wait until sometime next year when Bulb is rolling out smart meters, you’ll be able to swap to a smart meter free of charge and these can be set on whichever tariff is possible (including a special ‘Smart Tariff’ ).