Night Tariff for Electric Car

Just bought the new Golf GTE and getting a charger fitted.
At present our tariff is same day and night. Will I benefit in having a different price at night?

@BexKB - as the night time rate is approximately half the cost of a day unit on Economy 7 then it makes sense to charge the vehicle during the Economy 7 period. You need to factor in the cost of having the Economy 7 meter installed. It might be worth waiting until you get a SMART meter installed. Time to break out a calculator and do some number crunching.



@BexKB It completely depends on how much you would be using the energy at night. Probably is likely that you would save, however it costs around £100 to have an Economy 7 meter installed so as @linesrg says, it might be worth waiting until we are installing our own meters later on this year.

@BexKB, what made you choose the GTE over the e-Golf, or an electric car from another company?

I don’t believe we’ve had much discussion about electric or hybrid Golfs on the forums yet so I’d be keen to hear your thoughts on it, especially if you test-drove any other all electric/hybrid vehicles before deciding on this one.


I recently bought a GTE. For me, the current (non-Tesla’s) don’t have the range I require for my job (though for 90% of people I’m sure they’d be fine!). I’d have been tempted with an i3 rex, but I don’t like the look of it…

The Tesla Model 3 should be fine, it just depends on the price…or maybe the Hyundai Kona.


The GTE battery is only 8.x kWh. I’d suggest not paying for a meter, wait for a smart meter, switch to E7, then once you’ve got your usage figures either stay on E7 or Bulb can put you back on single rate…

My partner is a huge VW enthusiast and Ive had Golfs for years. Moved to an Audi A1 in 2014 and didnt like it and went back to a Golf after a few months. I wanted a Golf R but he has talked me into the GTE. Its not being delivered till mid April now (was meant to be March) They say it will do 30 miles on a charge which is the distance i travel to work then Im hoping in hybrid mode on the way home it will work out cheaper than my current diesel.
We only moved to bulb a couple of months ago. We have smart meters from our precious supplier. Does this mean we should be able to have economy 7 without a meter change?