Night-time rate charged same as day rate?

I have two electric meters and thus provided two readings on a monthly basis.
I have just noticed my “night-time” rate is charged at the same as the day time rate (despite being on a “vari-fair related off peak” tariff.

Can anyone explain, as I’m sooooo confused.

Many thanks

Hi @lorLozz Thanks so much for your question and welcome to Bulb Community :wave:

I can understand your confusion here, but the ‘off peak’ in the tariff name for this meter just relates to the hours it records your usage. We do have a two rate tariff for traditional economy 7 meters, however some two rate setups we don’t have a specific tariff for and bill these as if they were a single rate meter. This means the unit rate you see is our single rate tariff.

Don’t worry if it sounds like you’re being charged twice, as your second reading will either only clock up usage at certain hours, or only be connected to certain appliances (i.e storage heaters), so the usage being recorded on each meter will be separate.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss your specific statements with one of the team, please let us know here and we’ll send an email :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

Still slightly confused - You state “We do have a two rate tariff for traditional economy 7 meters”, how do I change to this rate? Otherwise, what is the point of having two meters?

Many thanks

Hi @lorLozz - the tariff we can offer depends on the meter set-up. It sounds like your meter isn’t an Economy 7, but rather one of the meter types listed in this help article here:

To exchange your meter to Economy 7, we’d need to remove one of your meters and then replace the remaining meter with an Economy 7 meter. Unfortunately these jobs would both be chargeable, so it may be worth your while to stick with a single tariff.


Again - thank you for the reply.
The article doesn’t really clarify anything.

I have two meters - one that is listed as day on the bill and a second listed as night.
I have researched economy 7 meters and the information I found relates to the MPAN and the number it starts with - 02 indicates economy 7. The MPAN for my “night” meter starts with 02, so is this not an economy 7 meter already?

Mpan means meter point administration number and is used by the network operator to identify where their equipment is


Many thanks for this.

I have two separate, individual meters, I provide two separate monthly readings to Bulb, my heating is via storage heaters - does this mean I am on an economy 7 tariff?

Many thanks

@lorLozz to clarify, economy 7 meters record usage on the off peak rate for 7 continuous hours through the night (the most common times being 00:30-07:30) .

These meter are billed by Bulb on our two rate tariff, but the majority of other two rate set ups are billed as if single rate meters. These alternative meter setups, such as the one you’ve described, are more common in Scotland, particularly in the Islands and Highlands


Thats’s a good overview thank you.
However, it still doesn’t really help me…

  • I have two separate meters
  • I provide two separate readings on a monthly basis
  • I have storage heaters
  • I live in Orkney (Scottish Island)
  • I am paying the same day/ night rate.
  • Now we have moved into winter my monthly bill is £170!!! - one bedroomed crofter cottage.

Please can you tell me why I’m not on different rates for my day/ night electricity.

Many thanks