Night time rate

I am thinking of switching to bulb, do you have cheaper overnight rates, I don’t think I currently have that, is it something to do with the meter or does it happen at your end?

Bulb supplies different rates depending on your location. The night rates are decided by Bulb and the meter just collects how many units you are using. If you would like to be referred, do pm me.


Hey @Spanglehop & @shamsuddin :slight_smile:

We offer a 2-rate tariff for people with Economy 7 meters, where there are two meter readings - one for the day time and one for overnight (typically around 12.30am - 7.30am). So it does depend on the meter itself, and we have no way of making a one-rate meter collect two different meter readings for different times of the day without actually replacing the whole meter.

If you send an email to with your home address and postcode, we’ll be able to check what kind of meter you have. Or you can ask your current supplier and they should be able to help you there too :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,