night time rate

Hi i am on an economy 7 metre. when does my night rate kick in?

Hi @Adnaan ,

Does the stickied post at the top of this forum called ‘What are my off peak hours for economy 7?’ at or the help article at Off-peak hours for 2 rate, Economy 7 meters – Bulb (found by searching ‘Help’ for Economy 7’) answer your question?

Is rate 1 always refer to as the nightime rate?

Hi @YcMing ,

Nope, from a slightly unrelated article on the help centre (after a search for ‘economy 7 rates’) How to read your top up (prepayment) meter – Bulb provided:

For economy 7 electricity meters, the readings can be listed as Rate 1 and 2, or Rate 1 and Rate 4. There's no simple rule to follow to know which rate is Day or Night. This is different for all meters. The information for your meter may be written on the meter itself or it may say Low (Night) and Normal (Day) next to the readings.

What I would personally do is write down both readings and from which ‘meter/rate’ they were from and then consult your previous electricity bill. Then compare the ‘old’ readings with the current ones and try and figure out which ones are which (hopefully it’ll be a case of ‘Old Day 4321 Old Night 2000’ vs ‘New Rate 1: 2500 and New Rate 2: 5000’ - meaning in this case ‘Rate 1’ is ‘Night’ (as the meter can’t go backwards and therefore it is impossible to be the ‘day’ rate’)).

Worse case scenario: Manually take the readings. Go and boil a kettle of water. Go take readings again. The one that went up is the ‘current’ rate (so as long as it’s before 7pm, it’ll be the ‘day’ rate - otherwise, you’ll need to check your Eco7 hours to figure out if you are ‘currently’ on Day or Night’).