No API's for smart meter data, no problem

I have been waiting for Bulb to offer an API to their smart meter data for those of us who wish to monitor the usage through an automation system, sadly that’s not come, and unlikely to.

I have been looking at other ways to gather that same data:

  • One way, and the one Bulb has documented on their help pages, is to integrate to the IHD via smartthings, but this only works for Wifi enabled IHD’s.
  • There’s another route! The website surfaces the data so there’s an option to tap into the the backend microservices that the webpage javascript uses. I have used graphql to get some data from the backend, but this is obviously NOT the ideal approach (API please Bulb).

I wonder if anyone has found any other way?

If you have a SMETS2 meter you can try an app like Bright by Hildebrand or Loop energy.

It is not really time, but is updated regularly you can get your smart meter data from n3rgy.