No bill since 6 Feb 2022

I previously always received monthly bills on the 6th of each month. However I haven’t received one since 6th Feb (06 Jan to 05 Feb). I changed to a smart meter on 22 Feb.

Please can I be sent a bill for the period 6th Feb to present as I’m building up a lot of credit.

I’ve had a smart meter installed March 1st, and had not statement since then - although I’m in credit and being told to increase my payments significantly.

Hi @HChads & @kh79 :wave:

Thank you both for getting in touch about your billing issues.

In both of these cases, there were some meter readings in the system that had not fully loaded in, which was jamming up the billing on the accounts. I have cleared the problem for you both, so you should each have received some up to date statements in your Bulb Accounts.

If you can see any issues with the bills we have sent, please let me know.

-Luke :bulb: