No bills/debits

No amount has been debited from my Bulb account since July. I’ve had no bills from the previous supplier in the meantime.

It makes me paranoid that my power will be cut off for non-payment, when I’ve done everything I’ve been asked to and pay £100+ a month to Bulb.

Best to give them a call .Seem very helpful on the phone

@jane37 the reason for the suppressed statements was that we are agreeing new change-of-supply reads with Scottish Power.

We have continued taking your payments, but we will wait to send you a consolidated statement for your usage across the previous 5 months until we resolve the change-of-supply disagreement with Scottish Power.

I tried to call them today but didn’t get through, so I emailed. I’ll chase them tomorrow.

@thanners55_gmail thanks for the :heart:!

I’m still waiting for a statement, is this any closer to being sorted?

Ho @jane37 I have just got off the phone with Scottish Power. They claim not to have received the dispute, so I have sent another one. I will call them next week to make sure that they sort this out for us quickly. Owen

Any luck yet?

Oh, Scottish Power, how you are terrible.

They tried to continue to charge me for 18 months before finally realising their mistake…

Hi @jane37 - Unfortunately we still haven’t received a response. I’ll check back in a week and give you an update.

twiddle thumbs

Still no joy?

@jane37, you’ve probably got another 14 months to go before Scottish Power will admit to their mistake and finally settle the mess!
If you’re lucky they might even give you 50p compensation!

For real though, this sounds like an awful situation and I hope you manage to get it resolved soon :smile:

Please can I have an update? I’ve not had a statement for 9 months.

Hi Jane, I will be calling Scottish Power first thing tomorrow morning and I have also sent you an email. I’ll update you within the email thread tomorrow as well