No bills since we had our smart meter last year

I see this is a common problem but I wanted to create my own post in the hope Bulb would reply, I have contacted them about this a few times but the problem still hasn’t been resolved. Any advice?

Hey @Peaches Thanks for your post and welcome to Bulbs community, its great to hear from you :wave:

It was worth discussing this in a new post but of course we apologise about the delay with the statements. We aim to ensure all billing is accurate but if we miss out on some data regarding technical information, it can sometimes cause billing to pause until we fix it, we will always aim to solve it.

Sorry it has taken longer than usual but a fresh statement should be sent to you today or within the next 24 hours with the correct account balance.

If you need anything else, or have any questions feel free to chat here.

Carl :bulb: