No bills/statements since joining bulb


I moved home on the 26th July and been with bulb since. Direct debits are getting deducted correctly but I haven’t got a single statement yet. No replies to emails and bulb chat takes ages!

Should I call them?

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I would hang fire if your DD’s are going out you are at least covering your usage… take a reading and enter it manually on the home page of your account then at least it may kick start the actual readings from the meter automatically.

Thank you for the idea. Will upload the meter reading and just wait for something to happen.

I had the same issue, for me it was that the switch did not go through fully. They did resolve it eventually - the previous supplier British Gas did not provide Bulb with the metering information that’s required to set-up the gas supply.

What happens is that your supply can be partially switched over to Bulb in this mode. The only billing you have is the estimates and the credit balance for me was about £600 and then there were able to find my meter readings and eventually charge me at the rates which I used electricity and gas for those months during this partial switch.

The system does not seem to alert Bulb and you’ll only notice it if you haven’t been produced a statement - it took me since February to get this sorted. When the IGT, GTC Pipelines, installed the supply they did not upload this information onto the national database which caused delays these for me (and still the post code information is still incorrect).

Any meter readings I added from the app/website did not get stored onto my account but they eventually found these and did the relevant statement corrections.

Whoa! Seems like an irksome issue and you went through a lot.

I was teetering back and forth with emails and chat, to no response!

So, it is a waiting game then.
Hope mine gets sorted without much hassles!

Hey @gokul.m.1992 and welcome to the community :partying_face: :wave:

I have just solved the bill failure that was causing your lack of statements. Your statements are on the way now.

Basically there was an incorrect exchange read from when your smart meter was fitted, which the system didn’t think looked right and it needed our once over before it would issue the statement. I’ve removed that incorrect reading and now all is well and it shouldn’t happen again.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

– Robyn :bulb:


Got the bills . Thanks for a swift resolution.

One more issue:

The smart meter readings stopped updating on the account since September 1st.

Do I have to do something to rectify this?

Thank you!

@gokul.m.1992 we are still receiving smart reads as you’ll see in your Bulb account under Energy Usage.

Reads will only show in our billing system around the time a statement is due to be issued otherwise your reads will flood our system when it’s not necessary.

You should see Smart reads appear in your account between 29th September and 2nd October. We’ll use these to generate your statement.

– Robyn :bulb:

Thank you for the update!