no bills??

I joined Bulb beginning of February, and made regular payment based on the estimated use given at the beginning.
I gave a couple of meter reading since then April and now) but I cannot see any bills in my account, and the balance shows indeed a big credit (equalling all the payments).
Am I missing something??



I’m a fairly new customer my first bill was in early June, and received an email to say how much energy I had used since my switch to Bulb a month earlier plus how much I was in credit. Have you not received similar emails each month?

no, I got monthly emails saying Bulb was collecting payments, bu no emails with bills or usage information.

Obviously there is a problem which Bulb will have to resolve when they are back on line tomorrow.

I received the collection payment reminder a couple of day before my bill and my email for my bill arrived a couple of days later and is of the format:

Your Bulb account update
Hi *****,

Since the ** May 2018 you’ve used £72.64 of energy. Your account is now £**.** in credit.

@Plymouth_YA Hi there - thanks for flagging this issue on your account to us. Clearly, this is not the intended way for your account to work. We apologise for this. We will be working on your case today and I will email you directly, later on, to give you an up to date status of your account once we have resolved this issue.