No communication 12 days later

Our price per month was initially quoted at £84 at the start of the year (still winter and using the heating a lot) so we switched to bulb. Since then they’ve increased our recommended monthly payments every month to the point that I was keeping £100 in my account at all times just in case, and when this months bill came through it was for £298. I’m a new homeowner and a little lost on this one, we haven’t used any more gas/electric than normal and have submitted meter readings every 3 months since we received a £320 bill 4 months ago! I filled out our info again today as though I was signing up to bulb for the first time and they can apparently offer me gas and electric for sub-£100 per month. Please someone help a newbie :pensive:

When you checked how much Bulb expected you to pay per month, did you enter your actual expected usage in kWh or just allow it to make a guess based on property size? You really need to compare based on your actual expected usage.

Don’t worry too much about the monthly payment, it can be much higher or lower than you might expect for various reasons. When comparing, just concentrate on the unit rate (pence per kWh) and standing charge (pence per day), since this is the only true measure of the cost of your supplied energy.

I’ve been giving readings directly from my meter for the last few months so it should be as accurate as it should possibly be, and this months bill is now in at £210 for the last month. I’m expected t believe that even though I’ve been going round turning off every light that’s been left on for the last month and the heatings been turned off earlier and on later, that I’ve used £500 worth of energy in the last 2 months? 2 more emails sent and on hold for half an hour, and still no answer. Will be changing provider

Does that imply that this months bill that you’re questioning is not based on an accurate meter reading? Whilst it’s true that a history of accurate usage should produce a reasonable estimated usage, it doesn’t always work like that.

Either way, an estimated bill is no biggie. It’ll sort itself out when you submit your next accurate reading. If your estimted bill is larger than usual, the next accurate bill will be smaller than usual becuase you’ve effectively paid a little in advance. You’ll be billed the right amount, it just means that montly bills aren’t reflective of actual monthly usage. But it wasn’t long ago that we didn’t have monthly bills, only quarterly. Hardly an issue worth changing provider over.

If they’re all accurate bills based on metered usage, then either you really have used all that energy or your meter is faulty. Again, not something that changing provider is going to fix.

Seems a bit contradictory says he’s been sending in accurate readings every 3mths since he received a large bill 4mths ago

That’s what I thought. The timeline is somewhat confusing.