No Communication From Bulb - At All - So Close to Moving Supplier

Hey there, I’ve just joined this forum as a last ditch attempt to finally get some response from Bulb. I’ve been sending emails for the past two weeks, and have not had a single valid reply. I got two automated replies and that was all. I recently wrote a formal letter of complaint to bulb and that’s what I’m going to paste here, because clearly nobody manning the inbox at Bulb is bothering to read it;

I am writing to complain about my lack of response I’ve had with my various queries to Bulb in the last few weeks. I have emailed 5+ times and have received no response, and the one time I have, it was simply an automated email. I have tried calling Bulb today to relay my issues and to finally get something solved almost a month later and the automated voice told me the line was only for emergencies, such as If i could smell gas etc, and that they couldn’t assist with anything else. I am at a complete loss as to what I am to do with my issues, and I am on the verge of migrating from Bulb to a company that will actually respond to my messages.

On 14th October, I wrote an email to Bulb regarding my latest statement. My meter had been changed to ‘smart’ reading even though we had not had anyone visit the property or fit a smart meter. The readings became taken automatically, and the amount we were charged each month grew larger and larger even though we have not been changing how much electricity we use. I sent a meter reading manually and asked for a re-calculation of my bill with updated information.

I received no reply. I sent a follow up email on the 23rd of October and received a reply from someone called Jerrico, who asked for a meter reading from me, and did not answer any questions that I had asked in my email. I submitted a meter reading for him and he thanked me for it and this was the end of his replies. I sent him an email asking if he had read my first email and if he could answer any of my questions- he did not reply.

On October 30th, I wrote an email to Bulb citing a concern at the lack of communication I had received about the matter, and explained how Jerrico had not answered my questions and had ghosted me after I had sent a meter reading. I did not recieve a reply.

On November 4th, I sent a reply asking for an update. I did not receive a reply.

Last week, I sent another email via the contact page on your website regarding a transaction I had made on my account, and how I had mistakenly sent two payments to my account and needed to have one returned immediately, and also asked for an update regarding the previous issue. I have not received a reply.

I want clarity on my smart meter, an explanation why my bills are so high. I want a refund for the amount of 217.58 which I have transferred to you twice by accident, and I want an explanation as to why nobody is contacting me.

This is absolutely ridiculous and I feel like I am a lost cause. I appreciate that staff are working from home but there is no reason to just completely ignore my requests. I cannot call the telephone help number, and have been told to contact via email, but my emails simply go unread and ignored.What am I supposed to do?
I have never been with a company that cares so little about their customers to simply ignore them like this. I assure you if THIS email is ignored like the rest have been, I will promptly be switching over to another supplier by the end of this month.

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HI @ReeceDunn

This is your first post on the community so welcome :wave: and we are sorry that you have had to get in touch with us so many times. I hope that we can resolve the issues that you’ve had quickly.

You have a 1st generation smart meter, these wouldn’t have been smart when you joined us however we have been working on reading all 1st generation smart meters and yours was successfully connected to the smart network, this is all done remotely.

The reading on the 13/11/20 does look a bit odd.

I am going to email you directly and ask for some photos of the meter itself in order to work out what has happened here.

Again, I apologise that noone has got back to you sooner about this. I can see that it is a confusing and stressful situation.


I am in a similar situation.
The first I knew about Bulb using Smart readings was when they began to appear on my statement. I joined Bulb because it didn’t require me to have smart meters. I left my previous supplier precisely because I had so much trouble with them (1st Gen, I believe) not working. Now, it seems, the old non-functioning electricity meter has started working again (not the gas), but I have not been offered the option of not having a smart meter.

I also asked why the monthly email reminders for meter readings have stopped (this was before the smart meter reactivated) - no reply.

I’ve also noticed on my statement that there have been four ‘statement corrections’, but I can’t see what the reasons are for the corrections.

BTW, I have no IHD.

Any chance of a full response? I did reply to the last email I got on 2 November, but have no reply since. I am hoping to move house before Christmas and would like to make sure that communication to close my account will work!

Thank you

Hi @SandyCameron, welcome to Community!

I can see you have first generation smart meters, and sometimes we are able to communicate with these remotely. We’re working on getting access to all first generation smart meters, but it looks like yours have already began smart functionality.

The electric readings are coming through to us, but you’re right the gas we’re having trouble connecting to. I can raise this with my smart team to get this working if you would like? It does sound like you might not want your meters to be smart, if so I’d need to know why this is the case to see if there is anything we can do.

You can use your monthly payment reminder emails as a signal we need a monthly reading.

I’m happy to respond to your email if you’d prefer to continue this conversation there.

All the best,

Hello @GeorgieS_at_Bulb

Thank you for your reply.

Perhaps it would be better to continue the conversation via email.