No communication from previous supplier - help?


As of today (5 April 2017) Bulb supply my gas and electricity, however I’ve received no communication from SSE, my previous supplier, regarding my leaving them. Is this normal? I presume my final bill will take a few days to reach me but I’d thought that I’d receive something during the switching period from SSE acknowledging the fact that they would no longer supply my address.

Could you just confirm that everything has gone through smoothly and that Bulb is in fact my supplier now?


Hi @janetwood48,

We are indeed supplying both your gas and electricity. We have sent SSE your opening meter reads, and they’ll use them to create a final bill for you. (This can take up to 6 weeks, though.)

It’s a bit unusual that they didn’t communicate with you at all, but it’s not unheard of.

All of that said, I will email you the meter serial numbers we have for you, just to double-check that we have the correct meters and ensure there was no confusion about which meters to supply.