No contact (again) - ombudsman's decision


FAO Louisa

I have noted that £?? has been credited to my energy account, however I have had no contact from the resolutions team as you promised. But that doesn’t come as a surprise, I tend not to believe anything I’m told by your customer service agents anymore. I feel extremely disillusioned and I have extremely low expectations of your level of service. I have on record numerous examples of apologies from your customer service agents for promises being broken and assurances not being met.

In the past, I headed a local authority customer service team managing reactive repairs to 40,000 council houses, so I have extensive experience in this field. If my team had performed in this way, I would have been sacked on the spot. This situation really is unbelievable.

If you are unable to resolve what really is a simple situation to resolve, can you please escalate this to someone who has the authority to do so.

The outstanding issues are :_

You need to credit my account with the difference between what I would have paid had I still been on the E7 tariff and what I’m paying now.

If you are unable to commission the meter remotely, you need to arrange to have it set up (on site) back to a two rate E7 tariff. Can you confirm, how many attempts have you made to try and commission the meter, and when these attempts were made?

It’s now six months since the meter was installed. According to the meter manufacturer, the meter can be set up manually to two rate tariff, so I’m assuming a quick site visit would sort that out?

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