No Electric Display

My IDH is not displaying our electric usage. Have followed the instructions on the website to ‘re-boot’ and nothing has happened.

my electric stopped showing and sending meter readings(smets 2) when i moved to Bulb nearly 2 months now still waiting to hear off smart team as hub reboot failed, thinking of moving back to old supplier.

My one comes and goes after it all failed completely rebooting every few minutes.

Hopefully today’s figure for energy use is again just a few units out :slight_smile:

Hi @Mullerova09

I’m sorry to hear your electric usage is no longer displaying on the IHD. It sounds like you have already, but can you try the steps here a few more times to get it working again:

This fix can sometimes take a couple of tries to get it working again.

Hi @Gavalar

I’m sorry to see your comms hub reboot has failed. I can see the smart team are looking into the case now, and we’ll update via email as soon as possible.

Hi on the electric meter it does say decommissioned can you pass this onto the smart team please. I do not understand how it can take nearly 2 months so get a reply from the smart meter team, I have mentioned before that the meter say decommissioned so i take it that it needs to be commissioned again. they have already tried to reboot the hub but to no avail its just getting frustrating now as it did work before i changed supplier. The reason i had smart meters is that the can send readings to you.

Tried again but still not working.

Also supposed to be receiving an email from bulb following a robot chat because they were looking into why there was no gas information!!!

Have placed a complaint and still no response - what do you have to do to get answers from anyone.

I am also thinking of changing supplier.

Hi @Gavalar

I’ve spoken with our smart team about your case, and passed on the information you’ve given there. Unfortunately, there is very little more we can do in these situations except try another communications hub reboot down the line. It is an industry wide issue affecting SMETS2 meters that have switched suppliers, but I appreciate how frustrating this must be and apologize for it.

Hi @Mullerova09

Are you referring to the in-home display not showing gas usages anymore?

If that is the case, please try the steps here. This should re-pair the device to the meters and get them working again:

So tried again and still no electric showing.
Still not received an email as promised from Bulb.
They obviously don’t want my business so looking to change where I can get support when required.