No electricity data

We have data displayed for gas, but the meter will not even switch to electricity. The meter was fitted on 15/5/19, which was 3 days ago. The gas data started appearing yesterday.

Hi Keith
Snap! Same day, same issue!
Interested to hear any views or solutions

Bulb have replied:
Thanks for your email and sorry to hear that the In-Home Display isn’t showing all the usage data yet.

I’ve added you to a list of accounts who are affected by this issue and we’ll email once we’ve looked into this matter further.

We’ll run an investigation at our end to see if we can fix the issue remotely. Currently we have no fixed timeline on when we expect there to be a solution, as this technology is so new. It is a high priority as part of our smart meter rollout though, and we hope to be in touch in the next few weeks with a fix.

In the meantime, please try moving your In-Home Display closer to the electricity smart meter. Once you’re there, switch it off for a few moments using the round, flat button on the back, and then press the same button again to switch it on again. Sometimes this gives the signal the boost it needs to start working.

The RESTART didn’t work!

Hi @keith_hutchins. I am sorry to hear that you are having some trouble with your In Home Display following your smart meter installation. As the restart didn’t work, we will look into this matter further for your to make sure we can get the right fix for you. As you have already been added to the list of affected accounts, someone from our smart team will be able to get in touch with you directly with a fix.