No eletricity meter in flat

Hello. I’ve just apply to switch to Bulb energy for gas and electricity.
I rent the 2 bedroom apartment. It is installed gas readings but no electricity meter. How much will I pay for electricity?

Or what will happen when I will pay my bills?
Help me please

Hi there, we would recommend asking the landlord or letting agent. The meter might not be in the flat, it could be in a shared area of the building. Your neighbours might also know.

Thanks Rowan.
Wa have asked agent and neighbor.
Agent could not find inside and outside electricity meters for me and for my neighbors (as there are same letting agent).
At the moment my flatmate give just Gas readings. Electricity we pay approx 50/month by online bill (current supplier).
Probably we need to install electricity meter?


This may be of some help:

Thanks Allan !