no email link

the "send out a link " button is not activating.Not worked for the last 2 days

Hi @david8604, I’m sorry to hear that you are unable to receive the message. I’ve just checked the emails that we’ve been trying to send you to log in. The ones sent on the 11th were all rejected by your email address due to spam.

I can see that there was a successfully delivered email yesterday. Have you been able to log in? If not, I’ll see if I can push one through from our side.

If all the above doesn’t work I’ll make sure that I escalate the issue to our product and technology team.

Hi, the “send out a link” button isn’t working for me either? Thanks

Hi @rshipley , make sure you’re entering your email address in the box just above the “Email me a link to sign in” button.

I can’t see any emails sent over to you, which makes me think you’re missing that step