No February bill

Bill usually generates on the 18th - haven’t had the February one yet.
The January one was late but not this late.

Can someone from bulb have a look and let me know whats happening please?

Hey @ryan4257

Sorry to hear about the missing statement, this shouldn’t have happened.

Looking at the account we seem to have been missing the opening read on the smart install earlier in 2019, this has been re-added now but the failure to produce the bill was due to our system wanting to locate that opening read.

As a result we have generated a Bill from that date to now but it is using the reads from the meter.

We hope that is cleared this up, feel free to let us know if you need anything else :bulb:


@Carl_at_Bulb Now I’m confused!
That was an issue previously, and I’ve been told it was corrected multiple times.
I’ve been receiving bills since it was corrected, until now, so what’s changed?

This just adds more fuel to the fire that I don’t think my IHD issue has been investigated properly if things that I’ve been told were corrected already, haven’t actually been corrected.
I bet my old meter serial number is still hanging around somewhere too.