No final bill or refund after 6 weeks

I just get copy/paste replies through chat so I hope posting here will be better.

I switched away on the 18th of September and keep getting told it takes up to 6 weeks to get a final bill and refund, yet it’s now approaching 7 weeks and I’m still waiting. My account has over 500 in credit so it’s very frustrating not having access to that money, especially in these difficult times.

Can nobody help?

I’m having the same problem. It’s been a month since the switch but bulb claim they still waiting for the electricty reading from my new supplier, but they say they have sent it.

My friend left and switched exactly the same time and got his credit refund from bulb weeks ago.

This makes me glad I’ve cancelled my direct debit after the recent payment calculation screw-up. Means I won’t have to chase for my credit when I switch!


We’re still waiting as well, triggered our switch away from Bulb on 16th Sept and completed the switch to our new supplier on the 2nd October. Octopus confirmed our final reading had been verified and accepted on 13th October, whereby Bulb should have been in a position to send us our final bill. We’ve heard nothing from Bulb despite them taking another payment in October. Hoping a rep will be along to confirm we’ll be refunded within the next couple of weeks.

Now had an email about the final bill and credit refund within 14 days.

Hi @subcon959, thanks for getting in touch.

This 6-week time period runs from when the new supplier takes over, which I can see was about 4 weeks ago. We have the closing reading through for one of your suppliers, but not from the other, so we’re just waiting on this so we can generate your final statement for you. Once we have this, we’ll send your final statement over to you pronto!

If you don’t have this in the next couple of weeks, we can then chase this for you, but we do have to wait for 6 weeks after the next supplier has taken over :+1:

Hi @_noodl3, I can see that your new supplier hasn’t yet sent this opening reading through to us, so we’re just waiting for this currently. They do still have a little time to do this, but we can chase this if we haven’t received it after the 6-week mark.

Also, with regard to your payment, I can see that this most recent payment was requested before your switch went through, which is why this was taken after you’d switched. I’m sorry for the unfortunate timing on this but you’ll get any credit left after your final statement is generated refunded back to you within 14 days :+1:

Lou :stars:

Thanks for the response @Lou_at_Bulb

I’ll give it another couple weeks and post back if nothing comes through.

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Saame here bulb still taking payments after 2 further payments thinking of cancelling the DD to bulb, but don’t know if this would affect repayment of overpayments ???

Thanks for the update @Lou_at_Bulb — I’ll give it a few weeks.

Switched from Bulb on the 1st October . Still Awaiting Final Bill and Credit Refund .
Can someone from Bulb PLEASE get in touch with me and tell me when I will get final bill and Credit refund . I have tried calling several times with no success.

Hi @Pete_G I’m sorry about this, there was a problem with closing off your account in our system. I’ve done this manually now and you should receive a final statement shortly. Any credit in your account will then be auto-refunded to you.

@coggers28 Thanks for your query, your switch away completed on 15/10 and it can take up to six weeks for your final statement to be produced.

Thanks for reply, BUT still waiting on refund of money owed !!
11 Dec 2020