No Gas data in Smarthings App

HI Bulb team
MY IHD is showing both electric and gas information, and my account shows daily stats as well for both energy types.
Installed smarthings energy control, all good except no gas readings at all.
any clue?

Mike C

Hi @Salesbloke - welcome back to Community :wave:

So Samsung have two SmartThings apps. The older SmartThings Classic app won’t work with Bulb, only the newer one will.

Also, the Samsung account has to be registered in the UK rather than any other country.

Could you let me know if both of these are correct with regards to your Samsung account/ app?

– Meg :bulb:

Hi Megan
can confirm both
Electric part of app works fine, but no gas data


@Salesbloke - Hmm we are getting smart meter readings from the gas meter and if they’re showing on the IHD as well I think it should be working on the app.

Have you run this past Samsung at all? They have a live chat service which might be able to help as well if its an issue on the app :thinking:

@Salesbloke Did you ever get gas showing in the samsung smartthings app?

Hi @kevkdg

Are you having any trouble with smartthings that we can help with ?


I stopped using it, but just checked now, and seems to be now showing