No gas readings in Smart meter

Hi there!

We had our Smart meter installed a fortnight back. The electricity reading was shown right after installation, however the gas reading will be displayed after around 24 hours according to the engineer.

Unfortunately, the gas readings are still not displayed in the IHD after 2 weeks. We tried restarting the IHD, and also tried bringing it closer to the gas meter, yet it did not work. I checked through the forums also but did not get any solutions. Can you please suggest me how to get this sorted?

Thank you.

Hi @osgokul and welcome to the community :wave:

Can you please confirm the following:

Is the IHD fully black or black and white?
Does it show ‘waiting for data’ or another error message?

Once I have this information I can advise what the exact issue is and how to fix it.

– Robyn :bulb:

Hi Robyn!

IHD is black and white (IHD7-CAD-PPMID).

There’s no indication/symbol for gas readings, also no errors. Only displays electricity reading with lightning mark.

Hope the information is fine.

Thank you.


Hope it’s not like my new gas meter; won’t connect as it can’t go through my outside brick wall and no fix either. Complete waste of time

Hey Gokul

Thanks for sharing this with us, your IHD is connected but it seems there has been issues with the gas as you pointed out.

This article will cover most of the fixes however it could be worth moving you to daily reads on the gas for a few months, this will speed up the connection. Daily reads would require your consent, we would take reads more frequently but it enables a faster connection. If you are happy for us to do this for you, let us know. This should help with getting gas back onto your monitor.

– Carl :bulb:

Hey @Jlstxi

Sorry to hear about your smart meter issues. Our engineers will do what they can to get everything connected, but occasionally the meters may fault in the connection if there is a large distance or walls which can prevent the connection between the communications hub and gas meter.

We are happy to raise with our smart team again to see if we can arrange a commissioning slot for you, could you confirm the distance between the electric and gas meter if possible?

Carl :bulb:

Hi Carl the distance is 5.5 metres from gas meter to hub. Hope this helps
Jack Stewart

Hi @Jlstxi :wave:

During your smart meter installation, the engineer couldn’t connect your gas meter to the smart network. This process is called commissioning, and it makes sure your meter can send us readings automatically.

The engineer will have tried everything they could to connect your meters to the smart network before leaving your property. So we need to investigate in more detail before we can confirm whether you’ll need another visit.

We’re working hard to find a fix, but in the meantime, you’ll need to continue sending us readings - I know this is frustrating.

I’m really sorry I can’t resolve this for you right now.

– Meg :bulb:

Have you investigated this yet ? My gas bill is going through roof sinc3smartmeter installation

Hi @Jlstxi

I’ve looked into your account and can see you’ve been supplying the gas readings so these are the readings that you’ve been billed to. I’ve also compared your gas usage to last winter and it looks pretty similar, but your bill will be more because we’ve increased our prices a few times since last winter.

– Meg :bulb:

Forget it Megan, been waiting over 2 years for gas meter to be commissioned as told wasn’t completed properly at installation.

Iniatally told, back in Summer 2020 would be fixed ASAP Covid allowing, our meters are outside the property so wouldn’t need access. Now told no plans to come out and sort the all of these at the moment.