No gas supply from payment meter

It looks like my smart meter hasn’t been “talking” to my gas meter and inadvertently I appear to have run out of gas albeit my app and smart meter both say I’ve got £24.14 credit
I topped up £30 in case via the app but had an error message saying it had failed so sent me a code to input into my gas meter. I done this and on the meter itself it says I have £29.94 in credit (my smart meter still says £24.14 as does my app!)
I have pressed “b” on my smart meter to allow the gas to flow but I keep on getting a message that says, “unable to open, try again in a few minutes”. Despite trying all morning I still have no gas …any ideas?

Hey @andrewf173 Welcome to our community :wave:

We are sorry you had an issue with your gas supply, we can appreciate this must have been frustrating so thank you for reaching out, we can see you have spoken to a colleague within the last few days and it looks like a metter operator has replaced the meter.

Sorry this happened in the first place, it looks like an error occured on the old meter.

If you have any questions, let us know.

–Carl :bulb: