No gas supply to property

So i went to top my gas up last night only for it not to go on my meter so i rang my gas company who informed me that bulb now supply my gas and i need to contact them
So i go about contacting them and they dont work from 6pm friday ive emailed rang emergancy numbers and nothing !!! Ive no cooker to use no hot water and no heating and two children to feed and keep warm never mind myself who has just come out of hospital after having major surgery on my spine .
I have recieved no correspondence from bulb to inform me that my gas supply was going to them ive had no correspondence to inform me of a switch over date no cards have arrived to top my meter up with
I think its absoultly ridiculas that there is no one to contact from friday evening regarding your account
Im discusted with this service and would recomend anyone NOT to switch to this company !!! Poor communications poor service!!! I cant wait to hear there poor arse excuse to why this has happened
I am already in the process of changing from this poor excuse of a company