No Gas supply today

Hi, I hope someone can help!

This morning I was making breakfast for the kids and the gas stopped coming through the hobs. There is no gas going to any of the appliances in my house.

I have been out to the meter and the stopcock is still in the on position. I called the emergency gas line who said it is the smart meter which is disconnecting the gas and that Bulb Energy would be able to sort it out. I cannot call Bulb as they are only open on Monday-Friday. I have emailed them on both the usual email address and the emergency email address to no avail. I have also trawled through these forums.

Does anyone know a way to contact Bulb in these situations? Or a way to make the meter work again? The meter turns on but just displays the index as xxxxxxxx.xxxxx.

Any help would be massively appreciated as we have three young children who need to be kept warm and fed.

Many thanks in advance


Cant really help as I don’t have /wont have a smart meter and you wont get Bulb until Monday.
Is it a pay as you go meter? As far as I am aware Bulb are not yet up and running with smart meters.
Maybe this will help, failing that try googling for further information.

Out of interest, how long have you been a Bulb customer and who was your previous supplier (who may have sent the “disconnect” message to your meter by accident: might be worth contacting them and asking them to check)?

@Mattydread I have left you a voicemail. Please call in if you are still having problems. National Grid our metering partners for gas meters, and we have an emergency contract with them for this kind of situation. They should have resolved the problem, rather than advising you to contact us. We will be discussing what went wrong in terms of communication in this case with them.

Hi and thank you all so much for the replies. It is nice that there are members of society who will offer advice at the weekend. Something Bulb Energy are not willing to offer!

This morning I finally got in touch with Bulb and it turns out the gas meter is faulty. They say if I can get home from my meeting in time this evening, they can replace it tonight, otherwise it seems I will have to wait until Thursday.

On Saturday I bought three 2000w electric heaters and still the house is cold in the mornings! I have three kids who are all having cold showers and rubbish meals at the moment.

I really wish I had stayed with British Gas!!!



I really wish I had stayed with British Gas!!!
You can always go back to British gas bearing in mind you dont have exit fees.

I’m not sure if it is still the case, but for future reference-

I used to live with a friend who had a prepayment meter. It was very sensitive to being knocked and would switch off the gas supply if jolted, I think this was to deter people from tampering with it. Unfortunately it was half way up the wall in the utility room next to the back door, and on several occasions a knock from putting away the ironing board or Hoover would cut off the gas supply. On each occasion an engineer had to attend to reset it, and this could take up to a day. After the third or fourth time we built a shelf above and below to stop it getting so easily knocked.

Your meter may well be faulty, but just make sure it hasn’t cut out because of something you have inadvertently done to it. It is has, you will know to be a bit more careful next time. It’s a bit harsh to blame bulb when they aren’t responsible for your meter!