No Gas Supply

How do I tell Bulb I don’t have a gas supply at my new address? I have searched the forum but have found no answers and Bulb keep asking for a meter reading I can never provide.
This house has oil central heating if anyone is wondering why no gas.

Thanks for reading!

As properties can be ‘electric only’ (electric heating etc - especially common in flats), this seems odd - unless, of course, when you signed up you selected to ‘Switch my electricity AND gas to Bulb’ (instead of just ‘Switch Electricity’) and hence why their systems are prompting for gas details…

It’ll be best to just drop Bulb an email at or call them (see around 3/4s of the way down ).

Thanks so much for getting back to me. That sounds about right, as I am a known idiot (。•́‿•̀。)

I am currently awaiting a reply from Bulb.

Thanks again

Hi @DinnerFingers If you’ve got no gas supply and we’re asking to add it to your account, then just ignore the emails as they’re just relating to you selecting that you have both gas and electric meters when signing up.

You should only have the option to add electric reads in online and no option for gas :+1:

I think my accounts got* mixed up? I just went to add a new electric meter reading and looking at the previous one something has gone horribly wrong! It doesn’t look like it makes sense. Is it possible for someone to take a look at my account?

When I entered the current electricity meter reading it prompted me to enter gas reading too :s

(Second edit: I think we have photos of both sets of meters from when we moved)