No gas usage shown in graph view

In My Account, if I click on “Energy Usage” I see a graph which shows electricity usage but not gas. I know I am using gas (more than electricity) and am submitting meter readings (both meters) every week. Does something need to be kicked/tweaked at Bulb to get this to show both fuel types?

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Welcome to a growing club. I’ve been banging on bulbs door about the same issue for weeks now as I can’t see a gas or electric displays even after supplying daily readings. AlI I get is every now and then a different person responds with the same bull. It’s “still in development” or it’s “still got bugs we’re trying to fix” type of comment.

I suppose the more of us with the same problem might get bulb to fix it, but the one thing I’ve learnt over time is never to hold my breath.

I recently received an email from bulb about filling in a “How are we doing” questionnaire…

So I told them. :-1:t2:

Thanks for your response. Seems Bulb can’t actually be bothered to reply themselves. Their loss - I’ll start the switching process as I really CBA to faff around with them.

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Like I said, don’t hold your breath.

I hope you don’t have a large amount of credit on your account as lots of other posts on here say bulb are VERY slow at refunding customers who switch.

Hey @Roymondo :wave:

Hmm that does seem a bit odd! I’ve asked out tech team to take a look into the Bulb Account for you to see if we can get this updated for you! It might be a bug but we’ll get them see what they can do :bug:

– Holly :bulb:

Hi @Bulberino!

I unfortunately can’t find a Bulb Account linked to your email address but I’d be happy to take a look at this for you- I can send you a DM on community and we can investigate if its the same problem with yours?

In terms of refunds after switching you mentioned, we wait until a final bill has been issued which can take up to 6 weeks as we have to wait for readings from the new supplier. Once we receive that and a final bill is produced, we should refund the credit within 10 days.

– Holly :bulb:

More excuses.

At least 3 other people have “investigated” this for me and then as usual NOTHING happens and I never hear another thing.

Yet again these are for your entertainment…

@Bulberino we’d be happy to look further into why it hasn’t updated but in order to give a comprehensive answer we’d need to find your account. To do this we’d need some more details as the email you use on Community doesn’t link to an account with us- can you send me a DM with your account details and then we can help?


– H :bulb: