No gas

Hi. I have sent an email to bulb but I know they’re not open and have had no gas for over 24 Hours since it has fully switched. I didn’t look into it but I’m wondering if I have the wrong type of meter? When I signed up to bulb it was via a referral link, but the switch has happened, is it possible it could still switch even though I have the wrong type of meter? It is my first home and I live on my own so I am pretty clueless! I rang British Gas last night who said the switch has happened and also the gas emergency line who told me to contact my supplier.

So this is just a long shot in case anyone can help me before Bulb are open tomorrow!! Thank you.

I am no expert but I guess it has nothing to do with the switch and more likely a gas boiler issue.

Do you have gas cooking and gas heating?

Gas heating , electric cooking. Gas fire and no gas comes on when I try and light it?

I know it sounds obvious but have you tried the mains valve at the meter in case someone has left it turned off.

Scroll down for the helpline number, this from Bulb website, maybe you already called that.

Thank you for your reply. :slight_smile:
I rang the emergency gas line and they think the meter has been turned off.

PM sent

It says I owe money on the meter somehow?

Just guessing but if it was previously a top up meter and its run out of pre payments then it maybe it needs the meter changed.

Hi Jess, can you please call us urgently on 0300 30 30 635 and we can get this sorted, I cannot find your email address on our system and so am not able to locate your account.

Hi James I meant to say last night an engineer came out and swapped my meter, thanks :slight_smile:

@Jessb We’re glad it’s all been fixed!