No Gas

Hi, I’ve had no gas since yesterday, at first I thought it was a fault with my boiler, but this morning I’ve noticed my smart meter seems to be not working. There is no contact with Bulb at the weekend, and the national gas service say that they are not responsible for the meter. It seems crazy that I will have to wait until Monday to even make contact with Bulb. Is there any kind of solution to issues that happen at the weekend with Bulb?

@paulmilligan13, another customer reported something similar recently. Just to confirm, when you press the button(s) on your meter to get a reading, does it not show any figures?

I haven’t yet had an answer as to whether with gas smart meters, a loss of power cuts off the gas supply like it does with prepay meters. As some credit smart meters can also function as prepay meters, I wonder if this is default functionality now.
With traditional credit meters, there’s typically no way for the gas supply to be switched off remotely or due to a meter fault.

For a credit meter, Bulb’s legal obligation for issues like this is actually 5 days and at present there is no way to get in contact with them on the weekend.

From early next year when they start supplying prepay meters, they will have a legal obligation to be able to respond to prepay customers with supply issues within a matter of hours, so perhaps they will also provide an emergency line for everyone else at the same time.

@mowcius thanks for that. When i press the buttons nothing happens, the display is blank. There is no power supply to the meter, it must run off an internal battery i presume. Looks like i will just have to freeze until they open again on Monday

One reason to avoid smart meters I guess…

very true

@paulmilligan13, I hope it’s not too cold over there!

Hi @paulmilligan13 Sorry we didn’t spot this sooner. I see you called this morning and my colleague Dan was able to book in an exchange which has now successfully gone ahead.

@mowcius is correct, we will be offering a form of emergency cover once prepayment meters are up and running. We’re sorry we didn’t catch this before this morning.