No Gas

Smelt gas so called emergency number. Engineer came and said faulty meter so has capped it off but can’t change it as said supplier a.k.a. Bulb was not registered with the network. Have tried calling bulb but no answer due to being out of hours and message to say not back till Tuesday due to Bank Holiday. Need this resolved before then, please help.

Hey @LouisB85 - sorry for not catching this message sooner! It looks like one of my colleagues got this all sorted with you yesterday, but just let us know if you have any further problems and we’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

All the best,

Hi, yes it all got sorted thanks. New meter installed just after midday on Bank Holiday Monday so happy with the result.

Hi @LouisB85 that’s great I’m glad you managed to get this resolved

Out of interest, what is the out of hours procedure with bulb?

One of my smart meters decided to melt last year over a bank holiday weekend leaving me with no electricity. Norther Power Grid came out (within 4 hours) confirmed the meter had tried to cook itself, declared it unsafe and removed the main fuse.

Scottish Power had no out of hours emergency contact options, apart from calling Northern Power Grid, which is fine, when the problem is with the grid, not the suppliers meters.

Luckily I remembered it was Amey who installed the meter so I called them and they we’re happy to come and fix it without having to confirm it with Scottish Power.

What would I do now I’m with bulb?

@RichG we have just moved to a new engineering company who have an amazing out of hours service. When you call bulbs regular number and report that you have had an emergency you will soon be redirected straight to them. They have a 3 hour response time for any job reported before 8pm