No heating or hot water all weekend

My gas meter switched itself off on Thursday night.
Friday my plumber managed to switch it on but said it might need replacing.
If it did I needed to call National Grid.
It failed again Friday afternoon.
We called National Grid.
They said ring Scottish Power.
They said ring Bulb.
So now I’m going to have a miserable weekend because Bulb can’t be contacted over the weekend.
How ridiculous!
Can anyone offer advise please?


At the bottom it says:

Our phone lines will go through to our metering partners, who can help you in case of emergency.

Or is this one of the things you’ve tried already?

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Ahhh. Thank you.
My husband rang last night and was just told the phone lines were closed till Monday.
I will ring again now and see what happens :pray:

I rang the emergency number. Cadent are here fitting a new meter.
The engineer said that the cheaper suppliers have no back up when problems arise.
Unless you are willing to wait…

Great to hear you’re getting somewhere!

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I’ve now got a new gas meter.
Great result.
Thank you again.


Excellent! Let’s just hope now that Bulb don’t mess you around in swapping out the serial numbers on your account …

From one meter to the other?

You’ll have a “closing reading” of your old meter, and an “opening reading” with your new meter. But if Bulb don’t handle the meter serial number change on your account properly, which seems to happen a lot from posts on here, then your billing will be messed up because the meter readings will be completely different compared to the meter that was removed.

I’m sure they’ll sort it out. I suggest taking photos of the new meter to have proof of the opening meter reading.

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Already done! Thank you.


That’s not a good thing.

@alexburt Welcome to the community! Have a read of the whole thread, it has a happy ending.