no heating

Why are you not responding???
Tried phone email live chat and now this

Hi, I had a new meter fitted last week and it should have been an economy 7 setting but my heaters now come on during the day and not night. I cant afford this and need it changed asap, as have no heating because of that. Ihave spent 2 mornings hanging on the phone a totally approaching 3 hrs with noe response. I need this resolved quickly

Hi @artist50,

This is the first time I heard someone waiting for Bulb to answer the phone (you are calling 0300 30 30 635 aren’t you as detailed on ): I was under the impression they tended to answer within seconds. I’ve found Bulb tended to reply to emails the next day (sometimes within minutes, worse case was about a week - but they were having a staff shortage and large number of queries at that point) and live chat does seem to be pretty quick, but does sometimes disconnect.

If your night storage heaters are coming on at the wrong time, it sounds like they are wired to the wrong part of the meter (i.e. standard rate instead of the economy 7 section). Did you have a Economy 7 meter before and has it been swapped with another Economy 7 meter?