No hot water heating overnight

Has anyone else had a problem with no hot water heating overnight since their switch. Not sure if coincidence and maybe relating to the night rate electric or whether an actual fault with the water tank and element? It heats if left on the constant day rate electric but not the overnight one!

This is most likely a complete coincidence, since by switching all you are doing is changed the company handling your billing. It doens’t change anything about your infrastructure.

However, as I understand it from posts on here there are a handful of complicated meter arrangements where switching can cause some issue with the night rate, where it is controlled by a radio signal. Could you give more info about your specific metering setup, if you know about it?

Failing that I think you’ll have to get a local electrician to take a look. They’ll be able to confirm if it’s a meter problem or not, and will be cheaper than getting Bulb to investigate since they’ll charge you about £120 if it turns out there’s no fault from their side of things.

Hi Alison,

If you’ve lost your heating and hot water, we treat that as an emergency and would want to get this sorted as soon as possible.

We can send an engineer out if necessary.

If you have prepay meters, it could be that the tariff you are on has stopped your meter time switch working properly.

I can’t find your account in order to help you, but if you email us at or call 0300 30 30 635, from Monday to Friday (9:00am to 6:00pm), we’ll help you straight away. If you put ‘No heating’ or ‘Emergency’ in the subject, the email will be picked up straight away.

All the best,