No IHD for smartmeter. How to replace?

A few years ago, with another supplier, we had a smart meter installed. It is a Liberty 100.
We then changed supplier, and the wonderful new smartmeter stopped working.

I think the IHD carried on, but we stopped using it (why plug another thing in?).

Switched to bulb and after a year or so of inputting meter readings, all of a sudden, by magic, they started to read our smartmeter.

So I wondered about replacing the IHD. Contacting bulb today:

Can you supply a new IHD? No
Can you tell me which IHDs are compatible? No, your old supplier can do that.
Can you put it in paring mode if I get one? No, your old supplier can do that.
Do i get my energy from you? No, your old suppl - just kidding, did not ask that.

Is that right? I need to contact my old supplier (after remembering who it was even)?

I have the option to switch the frequency of the reading via the bulb website, and they are reading it, so clearly there is some control there.

Many thanks, Andy

I have a liberty 100 meter from an old supplier which bulb took over quite a few months ago. The ihd will most likely be a pipit which should still work. You can run it off aaa batteries so no need to have it plugged in

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It’s great we’re now receiving readings from your smart meter but I’m sorry we don’t currently provide IHDs for SMETS1.

We have a useful guide here if you do get a new secure SMETS1 IHD.

As @Smart_fitter mentioned, Pipit or Chameleon IHDs are possible options.