No mail and smart meter


I have just triggered a switch from EDF to bulb - partly because of the savings but also for your more environmentally friendly approach. I just wanted to make sure that I won’t receive any paper based mail from bulb in future and that you won’t sell my address details on to anyone else. I don’t like to receive paper mail unless it’s absolutely necessary, otherwise it’s just a waste of paper…

Secondly, I would love to take part in any smart meter trials if/when you kick them off. Or, if you already offer smart meters, how would I go about getting one installed?

Many Thanks,

Hi @julian4308 don’t worry, of course we would never share your personal details with anyone! And we definitely won’t send you any paper through the post.

Being a renewable company we’re pretty keen on being as sustainable as possible so keep all communications to emails and phone (and not instant chat!). We won’t send anything through the post unless absolutely necessary.

Absolutely - we’d love for you be a part of our smart meter trial, to get feedback on the installation experience and using the meter and the data it gives! The wheels are in motion and we will be running a smart meter trial from Jan 2018.
We will add your name on the list of members that are keen to take part, and send you a note towards the end of the year with more details.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


Just moved from OVO to Bulb as I saw a massive 25% price hike and want to fuel my electric cars with 100% green energy as well. So double win. Missing the smart meter though and keen to get back on the smart meter bandwagon with bulb. Sign me up for the smart meter trial (would even be nice to use the ones that OVO already installed). Simon

Thanks Evie for responding so promptly, much appreciated. Pleased that I can be part of your smart meter trial.

Simon - yes one of my gripes with EDF is that at the bottom of their bills they state that I would be saving 130 pounds if I was on another of their own plans! Plus they were going to raise my bill by 10%. So they’re essentially just bragging about ripping me off rather that putting me on the most cost effective plan. So naturally I’ve taken my business elsewhere.

Feels like the whole industry is built on customers switching supplier every year, seems like a really bad operating model. Hopefully I can settle down with Bulb what with their simple one plan. The advantage of only offering one plan is that the onus is then on the supplier to keep it cost effective - at least I hope it is.

My previous supplier still doesn’t offer smart meters in my area, I wonder whether suppliers are putting off installing them because they know that 99% accurate readings might result in reduced profits? Can’t think of any other reason why the roll out has taken this long.

We don’t currently offer them because currently only first generation smart meters are being installed in the UK right now. If we installed one of these on your wall and you changed energy supplier you wouldn’t always be able to use the smart meter’s functionalities.

We think it’d be a bit unfair to do that to our members, so we will begin installing second generation meters as soon as we can get them in early 2018. The good news is these second generation meters will be able to communicate with any supplier.