No meter bit you say I have

You say you have read my smart meter but I haven’t got one?

Hi @timandjulia2004,

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You have a first generation (SMETS1) smart meter, some of which we have been able to now access their smart capabilities. I imagine your meter will be ‘Secure’ branded - these are the first type we’ve been able to start reading.

If you’re still not sure, let me know and I can pop you an email with more info.


I dont have a smart meter anywhere in my house. I have sent pictures of the gas meter reading. But you haven’t updated my bill. If I had a meter I would have it in the house reading the gas.

How do you read your gas usage if you don’t have a meter?
Could you post a photo ot your meter/s on here someone on the community will be able to tell you if its a smart meter or not.
Blub seem adamant that your meter is registered on the national database as a smets1 meter

Definitely NOT smart meters, bulbs information is wrong

If you can give me an email address to forward the pics as the file is to large to post on here

But at least it only has 4 tails, so could easily be replaced with a smart meter… :smirk:

the land that time forgot. think this was a smart meter when Noah was loading the ark

At least bulb are consistant in the fact that they consistantly refuse to admit they might be wrong