No Meter Readings Reminder Again

Bulb what happened to the promise you made last month regarding sending out Meter Reminder emails? I quote the messages sent out from Noah
I’m raising this with our comms team so that we can make sure that you will get these reminders every month.
Followed by
However, I will flag this withs comms team as to why this didn’t happen this month and we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Hi there. Although I can’t do anything with bulbs emails (other than tag @Noah_at_Bulb), can I suggest that you use your phone’s calendar? You can set it for a particular date every month. I use this to remind me if I forget.

Hi, I do that all the time. The emails used to arrive early first thing on the 22nd of every month giving the reminder that my bill is due on the 26th in 4 days time. When I first came onto Bulb I sent in my readings a few days earlier and when the Bill arrived it was estimated, Bulb advised me to always wait for the email reminders before I send in the readings so that I get a correct bill

[quote=“Timm”]Bulb advised me to always wait for the email reminders before I send in the readings so that I get a correct bill

Ignore the Bulb advice send in you your meter readings as close as possible to the normal cutoff date, at worse Bulb will (or should) only do an estimate for a couple of extra days.

Did that once and what they charged was ridiculous, over estimated or what, mind you when I sent in the actual reading the following month my bill came out as pence. At the end of the day we should not have to do the running around when they state wait


Hi @Timm,

The main reminder for readings is the email which says ‘We’ll take your monthly payment in three days’. In this email, we remind our members to also submit meter readings.

This is also, the best time to submit a reading as we have 1-3 day window before your payment date to generate an accurate bill to the readings provided.

This month, however, we did not ask for readings in that email because we sent you this email in the afternoon but you and already submitted you readings in the morning. It did state this in the email:

You will only get an email regarding only readings if you haven’t submitted any readings for a while. As you have submitted lots of regular readings, we have not sent you this email.