No "Meter Readings" section on Dashboard


Could you please say how to submit meter reading? On my dashboard, there is no section called “submit meter reading”, even if I click “submit meter reading”, the page for submitting does no come out. Thanks.

Have you got a smart meter? Or taken a smart meter with you from another supplier?

I don’t know if I I have, but Bulb is warning me by email, saying that please provide us with a meter reading. But still I could not see any place on dashboard for doing that.

Do you have a little display in your home that shows energy usage?

Other things to look at are the physical meters. A traditional electric meter is quite small a box like 4 inches tall and 6 inches across typically. If yours has a lot of electronics above this it could be the smart meter modem.

Other than this, you need to contact bulb. Help details are at the bottom of the page and ring them up to get your account reset. As they’ll know for definite what meter type you have.

Thanks for the answer. I’ve just moved, could not see any display. I do readings with the help of concierge, so I could not access the reader. I’ll call them. Thanks again.

Hi, I just switched to Bulb and received the email that I can send my first meter reading. Unfortunately I’ve got the same problem. There is no menu or anything else on the website, all I see is that I logged in with my email address. I can’t even see my details like home address etc. What a dodgy website they have… Useless

Hi @szat.gabor - I’ve just rest your account, you’ll receive an email in the next few minutes with instructions on how to log in.

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Thank you, it’s working now. Even if my switch is taking longer now than I expected (now I can only send my readings from 08 Jan) but at least it works…

Hi, could you please have a look at my account. Still no section for submitting first meter reading… Thanks.

It was ok for a few days and I could track my switching process but it’s gone again!!!
If you’d reset my account again, do I have to restart my switching process AGAIN?! My switch supposed to be done till 13 of January if it’s going to be delayed again I will cancel my switch and I’m done with this utter crap company. What an absolute joke.